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Our loose-leaf tea menu is as extensive as it is unusual. Experience top-quality teas steeped while you wait. Enjoy it “for here” in the perfect brewing mug, or take it “to go” and know that you will still enjoy your tea brewed to order. Our baristas will help you choose just the right tea to please your palate or match the type of day you’re having. We are proud to serve Art of Tea hand blended teas at Steeltown.

Black Teas

English Breakfast organic

Our traditional blend of organic black tea, delivering a smooth malty brew with a clean finish. Provides robust flavor, perfect for starting the day. [organic]

Lapsang Souchong organic

This is a rich Chinese black tea crafted in the age-old tradition of slowly smoking leaves over natural pine tree roots. Made from large and thick leaves, this produces an intensely smoky brew that is a good tea for stimulating digestion. [organic]

Earl Grey organic

Full bodied black tea, hand picked from select gardens in China and India blended with precious oil of bergamot. [organic]

Garden of Eden

Famous high-grown estate Nilgiri black tea hand blended with safflowers, cornflowers, mallow flowers, marigolds and natural tropical essences. [organic]

Green Teas

Gunpowder organic, free trade

Fresh green tea leaves rolled into small spheres resembling gunpowder, producing a grassy infusion with a slightly smoky flavor. [organic, FT]

Jasmine Blueberry

Select green tea infused with jasmine petals and succulent blueberries. Delicious and beautiful.

Maui Tropical Pineapple

Fresh green tea hand crafted with pineapple, papaya and tropical flowers. Our custom blend is delicate, sweet and refreshing.

Herbal & Tisanes

Egyptian Chamomile organic, free trade

The sweet, calming taste of whole organic Egyptian chamomile helps to ease the mind and soothe the soul. [caffeine free, organic, ft]

French Lemon Ginger organic

This soothing organic lemon ginger blend of spicy, grassy and citrus flavors contains a delightful pairing of Rooibos, Honeybush, Lemongrass, Ginger and Lemon Verbena. [organic]

Happy organic

Sweet raspberries are perfectly balanced by fresh hibiscus flowers while the indulgent, floral scent of jasmine carries this slightly stimulating guayusa tea to a place that can only be described as ‘Happy’! [light caffeine, organic]

Pacific Coast Mint organic

A blend of organic spearmint and organic peppermint domestically grown and harvested on the Oregon and California coasts. [caffeine free, organic]


Italian Blood Orange Rooibos organic, free trade

Rooibos, also known as Red Tea, is an herbal plant from South Africa. This revitalizing citrus blend steeps a beautiful light pink hue and leaves behind a refreshing finish of fresh orange blossoms. Caffeine Free. [organic, FT]