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Saturday, June 23, 7pm: Nanaushika, vocal r&b/soul

For Nanaushika, singing is what comes naturally. Born in the Bay Area of Northern CA, this songbird always knew it was her calling to be a singing star: “I can’t remember the first ‘spark’ that inspired me to sing; I just remember singing. Like it was something I was supposed to be doing,” says Nanaushika. Performing before audiences her entire life, doing anything else, she believes—is neglecting her own natural talent: “It just feels so good!” She expressed that “There is a power of emotion that goes behind singing, such a melodious combination of sounds. Trying to describe the feeling is almost impossible.” Determined to make her dream into a reality, Nanaushika says that she is willing to fight every step of the way: “I will never know until I have tried my hardest to do what comes so naturally to me.” Happiness, she says—will be the day when singing becomes a full-time career; “burning obsession” is how she describes her relationship with singing and inspiration is what she hopes to spread to her audiences—to pursue whatever itches at your instincts.